Christina D.

July 9th, 2019

Physical therapy with Dr. Eric and his staff was my favorite part of recovery. They helped me through back to back surgeries for both of my hands for a work comp injury. Every time I visited Marketplace Physical Therapy, Dr. Eric and his staff made me feel special.  Right from the start they explained every step of treatment to me and even diagnosed an injury I had not reported yet.   

Initially I was being seen for carpal tunnel in my right hand but by watching my mannerisms and range of motion Dr. Eric noticed that I also had carpal tunnel in my left hand.  When he asked me about it I told him I had not reported it yet because I didn’t want to be labeled a complainer. In fact, after thorough testing, we learned that my left hand injury was even more severe than my right.  

I’ve been back at work for 3 weeks now and the pain has not returned.  Dr. Eric and his staff taught me so much about how to work out my hand and build muscle. I know that if I continue doing the workouts on my own, I can prevent my injury from returning. 

The care and attentiveness to detail that Dr. Eric and the entire staff provided makes me say their service was excellent!!! I would definitely recommend it to everyone who will listen!

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